Grandma’s Cannoli-Our sweet cream filled donut dipped in vanilla frosting with a cannoli cream ring topped with chocolate shavings

PB&J Bun-our fluffy cinnamon bun dipped in peanut butter frosting with a drizzle of raspberry jam sauce

Most Spectaculos-our fluffy donut dipped in a cookie butter glaze with a sprinkle of gingersnap cookies

El Churro-texas sized donut dipped in cinnamon sugar with a nutella drizzle

Dulce Du Leche-texas sized donut dipped in a dulce du leche (milky caramel) glaze topped with buttery crumbs and crushed pecans

Gluten Free Snickerdoodle-cinnamon sugar donut topped with GF Snickerdoodle cookie dough

The Homer-the donut that we’re most famous for, our classic fluffy donut dipped in strawberry frosting topped with a ton of rainbow sprinkles…doh!

Cereal Killers-a mix up of favorite cereals with a frosting made from cereal milk. Who says donuts aren’t for breakfast?

The Classic-our donut filled with sweet raspberry jam topped with honey vanilla bean glaze

BIG Daddy-a boston cream filled shell dipped in chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Pumpkin Chai-our pumpkin cake donut dipped in pumpkin frosting made with a hand blended spice blend of cardamom, nutmeg and a hint of clove.

Apple of my Eye-our apple cider donut dipped in fresh apple glaze with buttery crunchy crumbs and a butterscotch drizzle

Glazed and Confused-texas sized donut dipped in vanilla bean glaze

Glazed Chocolate O.F. Our dark chocolate old fashioned cake donut dipped in vanilla bean glaze

Cookie Monsta-our funfetti cake donut dipped in blue frosting topped with crushed oreos, chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and a drizzle of blue

Mmm…our fluffy donut dipped in chocolate frosting with a half dip of mini m&m’s