The Homer-the donut that we’re most famous for, our classic fluffy donut dipped in strawberry frosting topped with a ton of rainbow sprinkles…doh!

Strawberry Froot Loops-a mix up of favorite cereals with a frosting made from cereal milk. Who says donuts aren’t for breakfast?

Chocolate Cannoli Crumb-our vanilla cream filled donut topped with chocolate frosting, cinnamon nut crumbs and cannoli cream in the hole

Salted Caramel Pretzel Nutella-our nutella filled long john topped with buttery caramel frosting, salted caramel crisp pearls

Man Bun-our fluffy cinnamon bun dipped in cream cheese glaze

Strawberry Oreo Crush-Strawberry frosting with crushed oreos

Brown Butter Banana-Brown Butter Vanilla Frosting on our fluffy donut

Sail Away Salted Caramel-Our fluffy yeast donut, dipped in a coffee caramel frosting made of Sail Away Sea Salt Caramel Nitro and a sprinkle of pearl sugar

PBJ-jelly donut, peanut butter frosting, half dip in peanuts, raspberry drizzle

Samoas-yeast donut, caramel frosting with toasted coconut and a fudgey chocolate drizzle

Mallomar Smores-Our fully enrobed chocolate cream filled donut with a dollop of marshmallow cream, graham cracker sprinkle, cluster of mini marshmallows , chunk of hershey chocolate bar and a piece of graham cracker.

Chocolate PB Cups-chocolate peanut butter frosting, mounds of peanut butter cups on top

Red Velvet-red velvet donut, vanilla frosting with cream cheese frosting and a heavy topping of red velvet crumbs

Lemon Drop Crumb-vanilla cake donut, lemon frosting and crumbs on top

BIG Daddy-a boston cream filled shell dipped in chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Glazed and Confused-texas sized donut dipped in vanilla bean glaze

Cookie Monsta-our funfetti cake donut dipped in blue frosting topped with crushed oreos, chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and a drizzle of blue

El Churro-texas sized donut dipped in cinnamon sugar Gluten Free Donut Selection Changes often. Please call for flavors or special orders.