– Donut menu –

[ september ]


Basic Bitch aka Pumpkin Cornflake Crunch-our fluffy donut dipped in pumpkin spice frosting pressed into crushed pumpkin spice frosted flakes finished with a dusting of powdered sugar!

Nutella Vanilla -Our fluffy long john donut filled with creamy nutella, rolled in sugar and dipped vanilla frosting topped with chocolate shavings

Java Berry Bun-Our cinnamon swirl bun dipped in warm coffee glaze with a swirl of raspberry

Cereal Killer-Our raised donut dipped in cereal milk, glazed with a cereal milk glaze topped with fruity pebbles

The Homer-our classic raised donut dipped in warm strawberry frosting, coated in rainbow sprinkles

Pumpkin Apple Fritter-our fritter with chunks of cinnamon dusted apples with our fluffy dough and fried to a golden brown. Dipped in pumpkin honey glaze

Big Daddy-our Boston cream filled donut with dark chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles

The Pink Dragon-our fluffy donut dipped in glaze made with 100% pure dragon fruit powder. It’s rich in anti-oxidents and flavor, plus this color is to die for!

Glazed & Confused-a super fluffy donut dipped in honey glaze with a hint of salt

BIG Poppy-our super fluffy donut dipped in tart lemon glaze with poppy seeds

Cinnamon Sugah-The super fluffy donut dipped in cinnamon sugar...duh

Dulce de Leche-Creamy milky and delicious, topped with sliced almonds

Death by Chocolate-our filled sugar coated ring donut with white chocolate cream in the ring, chocolate frosting, chocolate shavings and edible chocolate fudge brownie batter

Cotton Candy Cookie Dough Crunch-our funfetti cake donut dipped in vanilla bean frosting rolled in cotton candy crunchies topped with chocolate chip cookie dough and a sprinkle of confetti

Coconut Almond-Vanilla cake donut coconut icing topped with chopped almond crunch and a chocolate almond drizzle

Blueberry Crumble-Vanilla cake donut with Blueberry glaze with blueberry and milk crumble

Brown Butter Key Lime-Vanilla cake donut with Key lime royal icing topped with brown butter crunch.

Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough Brownie-Rich chocolate cake donut dipped in chocolate with ribbons of caramel, crushed brownie on top and a chunk of peanut butter cookie dough

Pink Lemonade Pistachio-Vanilla cake donut with Pink lemonade glazed with pistachio royal icing

GF* Gluten FREE Vanilla Glazed-Gluten FREE goodness with a rich vanilla bean glaze

GF* Gluten FREE Peach Raspberry-peach glazed with ribbons of tart raspberry

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