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E A S T M A I N & M A I N D O N U T S


December Selections


The Homer-the donut that we’re most famous for, our classic fluffy donut dipped in strawberry frosting topped with a ton of rainbow sprinkles…doh!

Cereal Killers-a mix up of favorite cereals with a frosting made from cereal milk. Who says donuts aren’t for breakfast?

Black Forest-our fluffy donut dipped in chocolate rolled in chocolate crumbs topped with Amarena Cherries

Pizelle Party-our fluffy donut dipped in a custom blend of brown butter and caramel topped with a fresh, authentic Itallian pizzelle cookie and powdered sugar on top

Waffle Cabin-our vanilla cake donut dipped in buttery maple frosting topped with crunchy pearl sugar and a sprinkle of powdered sugar

Peppermint Crush-Dark chocolate frosted donut drizzled with chocolate mint and crushed peppermint candy cane topping, filled with French vanilla cream

Sugar Cookie Fairy Dust-our fluffy donut dipped in vanilla bean with chunks of sugar cookie dough, confetti cake bites and a fairy dust sprinkles

B&W cookies & cream-our oreo frosted dipped in a mix of vanilla and chocolate crushed oreo cookies

Holiday Road-The classic mix of road trip snacks, piled onto a donut!

Chocolate Chestnut Cannoli-our vanilla cream filled donut topped with chocolate frosting, Chestnut crumbs and cannoli cream in the hole

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PB& Nutella-our nutella filled long john topped with peanut butter frosting and chocolate shavings

Christmas Morning Bun-our fluffy cinnamon bun dipped in coffee glaze with cinnamon streusel crumbs on top

The Classic-our donut filled with sweet raspberry jam topped with honey vanilla bean glaze

BIG Daddy-a boston cream filled shell dipped in chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Glazed and Confused-texas sized donut dipped in vanilla bean glaze

Cookie Monsta-our funfetti cake donut dipped in blue frosting topped with crushed oreos, chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and a drizzle of blue

El Churro-texas sized donut dipped in cinnamon sugar Gluten Free Donut Selection Changes often. Please call for flavors or special orders


Our Story

BIG Donuts=BIG smiles – at East Main & Main using nothing but the freshest, most natural ingredients possible is paramount to us. Our team develops our recipes and creations in small batches, to ensure every customer gets the freshest, fluffiest donuts daily.  Our fillings, glazes, jams and our doughs… all start off as ingredients of the highest possible quality and with care and expertise, these unique ingredients are crafted into the "not so little" donut gifts we present to you each and every day.
Our menu changes monthly, our specials change weekly and on the weekends, we offer you daily specials too!






Port Jefferson

250 East Main Street
Port Jefferson, NY 11777 631.509.4716



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We love to party! Weddings, showers, gender reveals, birthdays and whatever celebration you’re planning! Donuts make a sweet addition to your special day! Inquire below or call us at 631.509.4716

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